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Simple chat room in c

Implement a server with the name "serverSocket.
The chat transcript, the number of exchanges between the server and the client,.e, A message from a client and the response to that message from the server correspond to 1 exchange.
The client loops on forever until it sends the message"quit" or"quit" or"Quit" to the server.
The server needs to be serebii chat room started first and as many client can be started then.The includes and the variables will be the same as the client side script.Thus, any modifications made in the parent can be accessed in the thread process.Using the Code, first, I have the interface called ISendChatService with Start, Stop and Send message.There is currently no client available but any telnet client will.I've read other similar posts in here and it was helpless.S_addr inaddr_ANY; n_port htons( 8888 /Bind if( bind(socket_desc struct sockaddr server, sizeof(server) 0) puts bind failed return 1; puts bind done /Listen listen(socket_desc, 3 /Accept and incoming connection puts Waiting for incoming connections.Include the proper header files for both the client and server.Null) ChatListOfNames(List this void ndMessage(string msg, string sender, string receiver) if (ntainsKey(receiver) callback namesreceiver; ceiveMessage(msg, sender private void AddUser(string name, IReceiveChatService callback) d(name, callback if (ChatListOfNames!null) ChatListOfNames(List this Coming to the client, I just implemented the ISendChatService interface.Starting off with a few includes: #include stdio.Just connect to the server on the specified port and address.
For that, you will have to use pthread as a child process doesnt share memory with the parent process.
The modification that has to be made so as to accept multiple connections will be using either a pthread or a child process.H /inet_addr sexy online photo album int main(int argc, char *argv) int sock; struct sockaddr_in server; char message1000, server_reply2000; /Create socket sock socket(AF_inet, sock_stream, 0 if (sock -1) printf Could not create socket puts Socket created n_addr.The chat transcript.Int fd; /This is the socket file descriptor that will be used to identify the socket int conn; /This is the connection file descriptor that will be used to distinguish client connections.You can now modify the scripts and get parallel reads and writes from the clients and servers.The number of exchanges between the server and the client,.e, A message from a client and the response to that message from the server correspond to 1 exchange.

Public delegate void ReceviedMessage(string sender, string message public delegate void GotNames(object sender, List string / names class ReceiveClient : endChatServiceCallback public event ReceviedMessage ReceiveMsg; public event GotNames NewNames; InstanceContext inst null; ndChatServiceClient chatClient null; public void Start(ReceiveClient rc, string name) inst new InstanceContext(rc chatClient new.
Introduction, in this post, you will learn how to create a simple chat application using Sockets in C!